PMP Certification

pmp certification
PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. Our PMP Certification curriculum is focused on providing you with the information contained in the exam as well teaching you the latest advanced exam taking skill sets. Our advanced modality blends learning concepts and simple memorization techniques.

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By the end of this course you will be fully prepared to pass the exam and earn your Project Management Professional Certification

What are the Business Benefits of My Company Supporting PMP Certification?
First off, individuals aren’t the only ones who benefit from PMP Certification. Most companies that support PMP certification, find their employees are generally more disciplined and knowledgeable with regards to Project Management. The requirements to achieve and maintain PMP Certification mean that employees who hold this credential will typically be more aware of the latest developments in the field.

PMP Certification makes the business as a whole more efficient and lead to greater project success rates, but it also can make the company more attractive to prospective clients. Most clients are aware that a PMP Certified project management team are more likely to deliver results. Many corporate and government RFP’s now openly state the need for a PMP Certified Project manager to be identified in order to win the proposal. Additionally, by supporting the professional growth of employees through PMP education and certification, companies can attract and retain the best in their field by demonstrating that they recognize and appreciate the dedication and contributions of their employees.