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The Ugly Truth About Project Manager Responsibilites

project manager responsibilitiesArticle: Unclear on the Concept, PM Network, March 2012

Time and time again, freshly-hired project managers face the job description they have just accepted, calls for much more than their skillset.  Many hiring managers simply do not know what project manager responsibilities include.  According to a recently published article, “Unclear on the Concept”, “The hiring manager is akin to the stressed-out parent who needs a super hero to help clean up the mess of the project, control the team of rogue employers who won’t cooperate and manage the overpriced, underachieving third-party vendor that no one vetted before contracts were signed”.

So, if you’re on the job hunt and find companies looking for project managers, make sure you get the answers to these questions:

  • Does your organization have a project management office?
  • Can you describe the organizations existing project management process?
  • Which project management tools are you currently using?
  • Can you describe what a successful project should look like,  from beginning to end?
  • Have you had a project manager in this role before and if so, why did they leave?

These questions should help guide you to make a wise decision in your career. To learn more about what project manager responsibilities should be, or if you’re interested in becoming a certified project manager.

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