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Ongoing List of Learning Resources

Continuing Education and Advanced Learning can be tough. Communicating, sharing, tracking, and managing the learning process can quickly become overwhelming. It’s no surprise the good training companies use the best possible resources and tools to connect and organize the learning experience. With so many choices, it can be daunting to find the right resources for your learning, and your projects. At the end of the day, no two students, like projects, are the same. No matter how great a piece of CRM or PM software is, it might not fit your business needs. We have compiled a short list to aid you learn, connect and of course get the necessary pdu’s to maintain your hard earned certification. Please let us know if you come across better or new Learning Resources.

Project Management Resources

Readings & Essays on Learning

Leading Institutional Change

  • Changing What Higher Education Means
    • After a review of the barriers to change in higher education this essay describes the actions that can be taken by academic leaders, politicians, community and business leaders and funding organizations to make significant change not only possible but probable.
  • Leadership and Change
    • After reviewing the lack of significant change in higher education over the last decade the author discusses the need for reform and the role of politics, effective procedures and professional development in bringing this about.

Faculty Rewards & Scholarship

  • Tenure and Promotion: The Next Iteration
    • Describes an approach that, by focusing on the characteristics of scholarship has the potential of significantly reducing or elimination many of the problems that institutions are facing as they attempt to improve the faculty reward system and expand accepted scholarship to teaching, learning, community service and the creative arts.
  • Priorities and the Tenure and Promotion Process
    • Describes the characteristics of an effective tenure and promotion system and discusses such topics as post-tenure review, documenting scholarship and change.


  • Critical Components of Departmental Success
    • Describes the elements required for an academic unit to be successful. Topics addressed include the need for a clear vision, the delegation of power, an effective administrative structure and the appropriate resources.
  • Effecting Transformational Institutional Change
    • Discusses the process and requisites for significant institutional change and the effective use of external consultants to facilitate the process.
  • The Human Dimension: Observations About The Change Process
    • The design of an effective change model and how to deal with the politics associated with implementation.
  • The Institutional Change Agency: The Expanding Role of Academic Support Centers
    • From: To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development. Vol.23. 2005. Sandra Chadwick-Blossey, Editor. A publication of the POD Network, Bolton, MA. Anker Publishing Company. Publishedwith permission.
    • An in-depth review of the forces for change in higher education and possible institutional responses. Describes the components of a successful change process and the potential of using a comprehensive academic support center to facilitate the process. The structure and staffing of centers are also discusses. From: To Improve the Academy.
  • Transforming the Environment for Learning: A Crises of Quality
    • From: To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development. Vol.23. 2005. Sandra Chadwick-Blossey, Editor. A publication of the POD Network, Bolton, MA. Anker Publishing Company. Published with permission.
    • Summarizes the research on the conditions required to produce learning and student development. Addresses the urgency for change and reviews the conditions that have caused the existing problems in the quality of teaching and learning. Provides guidelines for leading successful change initiatives. From: To Improve the Academy.

Learners & Learning

Curriculum, Course, and Program Design and Assessment

  • Curriculum Review
    • The questions to ask in reviewing a curriculum. Topics discussed include the need for a clear purpose with measurable outcomes, a well-designed assessment plan and the use of a research-based approach to teaching.
  • Designing a College Curriculum
    • Provides a research-based list of the characteristics that should exist in any successful curriculum. Discusses a number of common problems.

Using Technology to support learning

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Assessment: monitoring performance and quality

  • Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
    • Discusses the important concepts, principles and methods required for the effective use of assessment and evaluation.

Professional Development of Academic Leaders, Faculty and Staff Members

  • Faculty Development in Higher Education
    • Discusses the vital role that faculty development plays in institutional improvement and reviews the major trends in college and university teaching. An approach to assessing an institution’s or academic unit’s professional development program for faculty is also presented
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