Feb 2016


Flexible Credit and Continuous Registration

Meeting the needs for new instructional formats by Robert M. Diamond and Peter B. DeBlois New demands for more flexibility in the delivery, structure and effectiveness of courses has significantly increased the need for new administrative support systems that provide the structural capabilities that...

Jan 2016


Why Should I get PMP Certified?

Are you looking to improve your position in the work place? Do you want a leg up over your competition in the event of a possible promotion? Have you asked yourself, “Why Should I get PMP Certified?” Many project managers with years of experience...

Jul 2015

remote workforce security

Managing Project Security with a Distributed Workforce

Every time we talk to clients about their outsourcing/contractor needs, especially when it comes to tech projects, the issue of security is foremost in their mind.  Managing a distributed workforce that works from multiple different locations, especially when it includes international contractors, can be...

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