The Top Issues Project Managers Face

When I set out to write this article, I originally was going to create a list of the top 10 Resources for Project Managers (soon to follow). As I started to do the research I realized the question of, “What is a great resource?” Can only be determined by first asking, “What is the problem […]


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What Is PMP Certificaton and Why Is It Beneficial To Your Business? 1

Benefits of PMP Certification  In today’s competitive professional environment, the demand for PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification continues to rise exponentially. This professional designation is considered to be a major component sought after by top businesses and organizations around the globe. The leaders of the modern market understand that there is simply no substitute for […]

The Ugly Truth About Project Manager Responsibilites

Article: Unclear on the Concept, PM Network, March 2012 Time and time again, freshly-hired project managers face the job description they have just accepted, calls for much more than their skillset.  Many hiring managers simply do not know what project manager responsibilities include.  According to a recently published article, “Unclear on the Concept”, “The hiring manager […]

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Why Should I get PMP Certified?

Are you looking to improve your position in the work place? Do you want a leg up over your competition in the event of a possible promotion? Have you asked yourself, “Why Should I get PMP Certified?” Many project managers with years of experience are finding it increasingly difficult to find a job where they […]